Security-wide SWIS™ Interception System
Security-wide SWIS™ interception system meets all requirements in regards to national security and public safety,.  The design is aimed at providing multivendor and multiservice system solution.  SWIS™ interception system is full capability to cover any type of network and mobile equipments. 

Security-wide SWIS™  – A leading total solution provider in Interception


Security-wide SWIS™ GUI management system


All solution for lawful interception System

Security-wide has been in the business of lawful interception solution since 1998. We’ve deployed more than 120 Security-wide SWIS™  Interception systems in roughly 70 countries around the world. We have combined high technology and strict QC to expand our product range to become a total solution provider. Security-wide SWIS™ is much more than just a name and a logo. It's a promise. A promise of a certain type of experience that people will have whenever and wherever they come into contact with our Company.


Security-wide SWIS™ GUI management system is a user friendly system.  We are integrating various different telecom network in one signal GUI.  We are able to provide customized GUI management system for our customers according to their requirements.